VersaLite Stone

A Lightweight, Natural, and Flexible Stone Veneer That Opens the Door to Countless Stone Decor Projects

stone design simplified

It’s time to rethink stone design

The days of using heavy, bulky stone for vertical and complex applications are over. VersaLite Stone® products allow for a natural slate surface to be applied faster and easier with less waste and in almost any place.

VersaLite Stone® Veneer in a Bar Setting

The split face follows the natural cleft of the stone and becomes the finished visual layer of true stone. Surface is the true stone, with a unseen polymer backing (when Installed) that enables the stone to function in new and revolutionary ways.

VersaLite Stone® Fabric

The natural feel, grain and variances of color hues remains, each panel has its own natural and individual beauty. 1mm thickness and fabric backing allows maximum flexibility. 1-2mm thickness allows an extraordinary number of uses.

VersaLite Stone® Lite

Lite Panels can be back-lit for stunning, colorful effects and are engineered with a thin layer of real natural stone laminated to a translucent fiberglass/polyester resin backing. Lightweight and clear backing allows light to pass through for unlimited design possibilities utilizing the texture, natural color and beauty of stone.


Our stone veneers simplify projects like never before. Each sheet covers substantial surface area and is neither fragile nor heavy. In most cases there will be no need to remove the existing tile, so you won’t have all that dust and demolition to deal with. Lightweight and easy to cut, natural stone veneer opens the door to countless stone decor projects.

  • Concrete – Ceramic

  • Wood – Metal

  • Plywood – Fiberglass

  • Tile Door Skins

  • MDF – Paint

  • Dry Wall

  • Backsplashes – Feature Walls

  • Wet Wall – Columns – Custom Lighting

  • Showers – Fireplaces

  • Exterior Surfacing – Commercial Decor

  • Bar & Island Accents

  • Low-traffic floors – Cabinets